More Acadian Magic…


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Ride around Eagle lake, Jordan Pond and past Bubble Pond, fairly easy grades and beautiful views. Drive to Cadillac Mountain, super views.Overall we had a fantastic experience. If ever I need a break this would be the place i would go to. Serene and peaceful.


Acadian Sunset


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Acadia National Park in Maine is an iconic destination for landscape photographers. Acadia is a great option for those of us in the east. Although Acadia is small by national park standards, it is among the top ten most-visited national parks in the U.S !!!

There are several things to love about Acadia. I for one loved the sunrise and sunset every single day of my visit this year in May .There is a great deal of diversity in terms of the landscape and photo opportunities. You can photograph the beautiful, rugged coastline of New England, mountains, lakes, forests,lighthouses,flora,fauna,, and more. It’s easy to see and visit much of Acadia by car.

We did a trip for four days and it was super fun. I am just posting pics of the sunrise and sunsets !! Enjoy.

Moved on…


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It has been almost 3 months since I moved from Ridgewood to South Brunswick in NJ.

This is how our Ridgewood saga began.

Our move to Ridgewood happened in April of 2006 from Colorado. We were all excited that we were moving closer to the Big Apple. But all that became a nightmare once my older daughter started school in Ridgewood ,NJ. She was in grade 5 at that time and younger one was just 4 years old. My older daughter was  tiny/petite for her age and none of the kids were friendly with her. Day in and out it was a nightmare as she was bullied every single day for various reasons. Reported it in school but did not help. The principal said “your child needs to be more social blah blah.. ” . It was tough 2 years before we decided to move back to India in 2008.

She had a great time completing middle school in India. Unfortunately the move could not be permanent and we had to move back to the US and once again it was Ridgewood we had to come back to.  My younger one was in Grade 1 by then. Life was okay , though not so great. We were still deciding whether to buy a home in Ridgewood or Princeton. Favored Ridgewood over Princeton due to logistic reasons as both of us worked very close to Ridgewood. My older daughter completed school at RHS . She may not have had the best time but it was better than her initial elementary and middle school years here.

The next problem began with my younger daughter in middle school. Once she moved into High school it got worse.What is it about Ridgewood  that makes life tough for some kids ????? I have had the worst two years of my life in this town and do not wish to go into the details but finally  had to move out 😦

Currently my daughter is pursuing High School in School Brunswick. So far so good… I miss Ridgewood but moving has  helped her cope with all the distractions and drama that Ridgewood is all about..


Pink Invasion of the landscape around Ridgewood


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With spring in full bloom, there’s no better time to enjoy Ridgewood. When it comes to photographing flowers, your unique viewpoint plays an important role to your final results.  You stand before trees and  fields in full bloom, and while it’s beautiful in your eyes, the ability to translate its majesty through the lens requires a few techniques!!

Spend a few moments taking in the scenery and contemplating which parts of nature speak loudest.

Ho-Ho-Kus train station.


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A town bordering Ridgewood. Although there are family histories and church documentation about early pioneers, one of the earliest written notices that specifically mentions Ho-Ho-Kus is the 1698 Van Emburgh deed. It records the purchase, for thirty-two pounds ten shillings, of half of a 500 acre patent of land by David Provoast and Johannes Van Inburgh from Issac Kingsland to whom it had been granted by the Proprietors of East New Jersey. A transcription from the original document states: “Hoghakas (Ho-Ho-Kus) in ye Provinse of East and New Jargy ye 2d of may ano Dom 1698 There apaired before me Pieter Johnson and Jaccomintie his wife & Declared This within instrement to be There vollantary act & Deed as wittnis my hand.”IMG_6307

Just around the river bend….


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The Saddle River flows south through much of Bergen CountyNew Jersey. From its feeder streams in Upper Saddle River and the source in AirmontNew York, the Saddle River continues south for 16.3 miles, passing through the towns of Saddle RiverWaldwickHo-Ho-KusRidgewoodGlen RockParamusFair LawnRochelle ParkSaddle BrookLodiGarfield, and Wallington.


Saddle River County Park is a 577-acre linear park that meanders with the Saddle River and its tributary brooks. It consists of five park areas that are linked by a multi-use path, including circular paths around some ponds.DSC_9975

Saddle River Trail


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Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough I don’t know why
Keep making me laugh,
Lets go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

(Lana Del Ray song born to die)

This trail for some reason reminded me of this song.