Teenage connect …

Why is it so hard as an adult to relate to the teenage universe , especially in this modern era of technology. We have all been teenagers at some point in our life.If every adult (100%) has been a teenager, why do we think teenagers are so strange and so disconnected from us….

I find a giant disconnect between myself and my teen daughter aged 15- two different perspectives that has made communicating a real mystery. Just when I feel I have become best friends with her I discover she is trying to shut me off.

What is the secret that underlies some teens whizzing through their teen years easily and while some others struggle through every bit of it ???? I am sure many parents relate to this thought..

It has been a stressful two years wherein I am learning to walk the tightrope.The great illusion as parents we have is that if we knew all our children’s secrets we could be in better control of our child’s behavior and “Keep them from making mistakes or doing something wrong.” WRONG !!!

What I have learnt is  “Parents, at some point in the  child’s life,  should move from protecting the  child to teaching them how to make good choices. That learning to make choices part scares most of us parents. What if they make a mistake? But the trick lies in being patient and letting them make those choices/mistakes for better or worse.


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