DSC_9319via Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth is never by mere chance.It is a result of many forces working together. Unless we are talking about physical growth which just  happens -vertically or horizontally 😀 Growth happens only when we as individuals accept our weaknesses.Our mind unlike our body continues to grow as we continue to live…

I personally feel that we grow more as person when faced with adversity. Not to say that everyone must face adversity to grow. This is why they say ” Don’t  GO through life,GROW through life ” It is a personal quest for success or advancement.

Which step have you reached today  ????


Chase your curiosity,chase your dreams, chase your development and goals. strive to grow for something bigger than yourself. Most of all “CHASE YOUR PASSIONS”.

No one wants to read a story where nothing happens and characters are never challenged to grow. Why would you want to live your life like that??????



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