via Daily Prompt: Enroll

How true !!! Where and how do we enroll to resolve all our life issues ?? Of late I have lost track of the surge of problems in my personal life. It includes my extended family in India. I wonder where do I get the necessary skills to resolve these issues …

With all the fancy technology available at our fingertips these days we should be sailing smooth in the sea of life. Yet we are all completely lost especially when it comes to dealing with our mind vs heart . There is no magic robot/tech that can give us ready made answers for dealing with matters of mind and heart. We have to wade through the tough times and make decisions as we go as there is no set of rules that all of us can follow … To each his own.

There are definitely no courses one can take. Enroll and connect with your own inner guidance.Now imagine yourself finding whatever it is that brought you to this inquiry. What does it feel like? Are you ready for this level of transformation in your life? Tune into your deepest heart’s desire… trust that you hold all the answers you need within.

As always, let your heart guide you !!


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