Rare Super Blue Blood Moon

January 31 2018 – Sky gazers across the world were treated today  to a rare celestial event  dubbed as “super blue blood moon.” Rare because it is a combination of lunar eclipse, blood moon and super moon , visible in the western hemisphere for the first time in 152 years. There won’t be another so-called “super blue blood moon” until 2037.




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Growth is never by mere chance.It is a result of many forces working together. Unless we are talking about physical growth which just  happens -vertically or horizontally 😀 Growth happens only when we as individuals accept our weaknesses.Our mind unlike our body continues to grow as we continue to live…

I personally feel that we grow more as person when faced with adversity. Not to say that everyone must face adversity to grow. This is why they say ” Don’t  GO through life,GROW through life ” It is a personal quest for success or advancement.

Which step have you reached today  ????


Chase your curiosity,chase your dreams, chase your development and goals. strive to grow for something bigger than yourself. Most of all “CHASE YOUR PASSIONS”.

No one wants to read a story where nothing happens and characters are never challenged to grow. Why would you want to live your life like that??????



What do I cherish about 2017 ??

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What do I cherish the most in the year 2017 ????

It has been a stormy year and one I weathered pretty well. Even though the sailing was pretty tough I came in and out of it pretty strong. I learnt a LOT !!!

NO matter how hard life gets one has to keep smiling. Have learnt to cherish those small moments of pure bliss …

Between the chaos and the mess, between the yelling and crying, some instinct is telling me to hold on. So much of the day is about survival, about getting through unscathed. I multitask, I panic, and I inevitably fail at least once a day. Yet I have been holding on..

I spend days dreaming about her future and yet on other days I am content in knowing that things though moving slowly are moving in the right direction ???

She is everything I’ve ever wanted and not wanted. She is a bundle of extremities and I need to open this bundle with extreme caution not breaking any threads and bringing it back to its perfect form sooner or later. Life is fragile and one needs to handle it with care …



Have a tendency (proclivity) to dwelve into the past :(

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What is the best way to not look into the past  ??? How does one move forward without any pain whatsoever. A couple of things have helped me –




And my work.

Unless I am completely busy the old thoughts come rolling back. They negate all my hard work and I fall back into a hopeless pit.. Embracing midlife can be a daunting task especially when you have a special needs child. And creating a work life balance makes it harder.The  tendency to work  harder when under stress due to several reasons narrows the focus and short-circuits the very habits that helps me cope……


Inner Calling

The time has come where I need to listen to my inner voice/calling  and start to meditate and focus on spirituality. Life has not been easy these past few months .The quality of life has been declining and most times I am stressed and feel nervous about the future.

But I have also realized that to have a better future I should work on my present moments. Just speculating on what might happen and worrying about the unknown is getting me nowhere. All it is doing is taking away my precious PRESENT !!! It is  freezing me from performing what is needed.

I need to sit relax and meditate on a plan of action for what is at stake currently and challenge myself  to do my best. The rest I need to leave and not worry about as said in Bhagawad Geetha :

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste

Maa Phaleshu Kadachana,

Maa Karma Phala Hetur Bhur

Maa Te Sangostva Akarmani”

 Chapter 2, Sloka 47

Meaning -You have the right to perform your actions, but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions.
Do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty….

CARE DEEPLY but not to the point of being blinded by love leading to inaction.


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Teenage connect …

Why is it so hard as an adult to relate to the teenage universe , especially in this modern era of technology. We have all been teenagers at some point in our life.If every adult (100%) has been a teenager, why do we think teenagers are so strange and so disconnected from us….

I find a giant disconnect between myself and my teen daughter aged 15- two different perspectives that has made communicating a real mystery. Just when I feel I have become best friends with her I discover she is trying to shut me off.

What is the secret that underlies some teens whizzing through their teen years easily and while some others struggle through every bit of it ???? I am sure many parents relate to this thought..

It has been a stressful two years wherein I am learning to walk the tightrope.The great illusion as parents we have is that if we knew all our children’s secrets we could be in better control of our child’s behavior and “Keep them from making mistakes or doing something wrong.” WRONG !!!

What I have learnt is  “Parents, at some point in the  child’s life,  should move from protecting the  child to teaching them how to make good choices. That learning to make choices part scares most of us parents. What if they make a mistake? But the trick lies in being patient and letting them make those choices/mistakes for better or worse.


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