Small town atmosphere

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Ridgewood is it’s small-town atmosphere.Paired with the close proximity to the city it is one of the best places to raise a family.It has often been voted for the  best 100 towns to live in USA.

Ridgewood has a lively downtown , with a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options. With charming boutiques and an expansive range of dining options. Residents have everything available at their doorstep.

The community is diverse and is is close-knit and filled with community spirit.Community events are held throughout the year to bring residents of Ridgewood together.Simply an amazing town for both young and old alike. Ridgewood offers it all- With an appreciation for the past and an optimism for the future…


Winter’s revenge …

Located right outside a large park in the center of town in East Ridgewood-Van Neste Square is this cute sculpture of a buy with ice cream cone and a puppy. This park is the hangout spot for most teens and  the town hosts most of the town events at this park. Today the park was covered in snow and looked very pretty.

The Stable

“The 12 acres surrounding the stable are magnificent,” a pamphlet from the Parks & Recreation Department said, describing the area to have “the charm of yesterday, ours to enjoy in an urban community.”

For further information about the history of this hidden gem read :

I had an amazing walk around this place early sunday morning. The serene setting gives ample opportunity for the residents to relax and enjoy nature.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

I have memories attached to this beautiful church.My younger daughter attended the daycare on this church premises about ten years back… The church is located on Linwood Ave walking distance to the Public Library and the Graydon Pool (another historic landmark in Ridgewood).

Bethlehem has been a dynamic presence in Ridgewood for more than a century, evolving from a tiny group of worshippers in 1905 meeting in the town library to a large congregation in a beautiful facility

Wild Duck Pond Area,Saddle River County Park

I have a fascination for this place. It is a calm and serene surrounding.On a good day you can see people walking biking or simply sitting on one of the benches reading and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Ridgewood is unique in that it is one of the few affluent towns where residents still get to know their neighbors and really feel a sense of community.And one of the best places to meet someone you know in town is at this park or trail that extends from here to Rochelle park.The trail is 6 miles one way and bike or walk down this trail is 12 miles.The Wild Duck Pond area can be reached from the entrance on East Ridgewood Avenue.

The park amenities include picnic areas and ice skating when weather conditions permit.