I wish I had the tripod ready when I took this beautiful snowflake using my macro. Unfortunately had to do it quickly before the moment melted away..fullsizeoutput_2fd0

Ridgewood Post Office

On East Ridgewood Ave is the local Post Office.There’s a memorial in front of it, a metal statue of an everyday postal worker wearing a real uniform, hat, and watch, holding real papers, with a pencil in his mouth, and a full mail bag slung over his shoulder. (It’s easy to mistake the statue for a real person.) It is  a memorial to tragic event that occurred in the year 1991 at the post office.

School House Museum

The one-room schoolhouse in which the museum is housed was built in 1872, known as Public School District #45, and was an operational school until 1905. It now serves as a museum of local historic artifacts and is maintained by the Ridgewood Historical Society.

The schoolhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places as is the bordering Old Paramus Church, and Valleau Cemetery.

Old Paramus Reformed Church

Old Paramus Reformed Church has a rich past. The congregation was formed in the year 1725. During the American Revolution, the Paramus Church was the site of a Continental Army military post for four years during which clashes between American and British forces took place. It was also in the original church building that General George Washington held a session of the court-martial of General Charles Lee who disobeyed orders at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. Washington had his headquarters here at the church a total of ten times during various days from 1778-1780.

Read more info on their web page-http://www.oldparamus.org/history/history.html

This year the church is celebrating it’s 292nd year !!! The congregation was formed in the year 1725 by Dutch Settlers.fullsizeoutput_28b2

North Maple Ave


The Stable as viewed from N Maple Ave


Holding on to dear life


Old and withered yet standing tall and strong

While walking down North Maple Ave to take some pictures, I noticed this tree (second photo) holding on to a few leaves and that set me thinking ….

Holding on to dear life-What does it mean ???

Holding on for dear life is our reaction to when life is falling apart, and we desperately need something solid to grab while we weather the storm, so we don’t fall apart too.

We all know that life is constantly changing and nothing is permanent. The phrase can be redefined to mean something else too. There are some things that mean a lot to us and are dear. They give us the comfort and confidence we need to weather any storm – friendship, family, faith, hope, trust, values, morals etc. But we should be ready to let go off the stuff that weighs us down like clutter, guilt, fear, insecurity and anger.

Most importantly, WE SHOULD hold on to each other. We have to hold on, lift each other up, comfort one another.