North Maple Ave


The Stable as viewed from N Maple Ave


Holding on to dear life


Old and withered yet standing tall and strong

While walking down North Maple Ave to take some pictures, I noticed this tree (second photo) holding on to a few leaves and that set me thinking ….

Holding on to dear life-What does it mean ???

Holding on for dear life is our reaction to when life is falling apart, and we desperately need something solid to grab while we weather the storm, so we don’t fall apart too.

We all know that life is constantly changing and nothing is permanent. The phrase can be redefined to mean something else too. There are some things that mean a lot to us and are dear. They give us the comfort and confidence we need to weather any storm – friendship, family, faith, hope, trust, values, morals etc. But we should be ready to let go off the stuff that weighs us down like clutter, guilt, fear, insecurity and anger.

Most importantly, WE SHOULD hold on to each other. We have to hold on, lift each other up, comfort one another.

Winter’s revenge …

Located right outside a large park in the center of town in East Ridgewood-Van Neste Square is this cute sculpture of a buy with ice cream cone and a puppy. This park is the hangout spot for most teens and  the town hosts most of the town events at this park. Today the park was covered in snow and looked very pretty.

Born to Die…

There is beauty in everything including  death, decay, the transience of life and the fragility of our existences. Death is  natural, irreversible, an inevitable part of life and if we look close enough we can all see the beauty in it. The photographs below are a classic  representation of this.

Dying flowers epitomize this and show that time drains them of their colors, dehydrates their energetic petals and turns them into brittle receptacles. Yet  while dried, dying and dead, they are still beautiful and even more beautiful for their fragility.

Death gives us the opportunity to be thankful for life and allows us to embrace the joys of living.