Ben & Jerry’s

Finally I am back to posting pictures of my hometown. It has taken me almost a month to get back to normal routine. Work,home , kids and family pressures had made it impossible to keep up with my 365 promise.But starting today it is back with a bang.

Here is a picture of Ben and Jerry’s ,a famous landmark at the intersection of Oak Street and Franklin Ave. Ben & Jerry is a Vermont startup from the 70’s era.These two guys built the business which is kind of legendary now.Ben and Jerry were named “U.S. Small Business Persons of the Year” by President Reagan in a White House Rose Garden ceremony sometime in the 80’s .In the year 2000 it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever. It supports the Fair Trade efforts started with Coffee, Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz in 1996 by adding Vanilla and Chocolate to the line-up.

Amazing company with an amazing history. The parlor is walking distance from my house on Oak St (15 min walk). This year April 4th is the free cone day ,free scoops for all, all day long (between 12pm and 8 pm). Mark your calendars and grab your friends and take part in the extravaganza enjoying some of the best flavors of ICE CREAM !!!!

Historic Mumbai

This was my first visit to Mumbai as a grown up adult. My last visit was in 1982 when I was very young. I remember having arguments with my cousins from Mumbai how Delhi was superior to it. But seeing is believing. Though I do have a soft corner for Delhi , yet the place that has caught my attention now is definitely Mumbai. It is a parallel version of NYC. There is a strange source of urgency in the air and people are nice and friendly. there is a vibrancy that is missing in Delhi. I am planning a trip already with my kids sometime next year. Here are a few memorable pictures from the trip.

India Diary continued

India trips are always hectic and especially more so when it is just 2 weeks.This time I was in a different city almost every other day visiting temples and family with my mother and brothers and niece. It was tiring but very fulfilling.Best part being able to take my mom to visit her ancestral property in Tanjore. She is 82 and the house itself is 125 plus yrs old. I could see the joy in her face and remembering all her childhood days.She became animated explaining all her friends names living on the same street and how she used to play/spend time with them.

I am already missing all the hungama/entertainment.Life in USA without extended family is dull 😦 Here are a few pictures from my visit. Sit back and enjoy.