Small town atmosphere

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Ridgewood is it’s small-town atmosphere.Paired with the close proximity to the city it is one of the best places to raise a family.It has often been voted for the  best 100 towns to live in USA.

Ridgewood has a lively downtown , with a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options. With charming boutiques and an expansive range of dining options. Residents have everything available at their doorstep.

The community is diverse and is is close-knit and filled with community spirit.Community events are held throughout the year to bring residents of Ridgewood together.Simply an amazing town for both young and old alike. Ridgewood offers it all- With an appreciation for the past and an optimism for the future…


School House Museum

The one-room schoolhouse in which the museum is housed was built in 1872, known as Public School District #45, and was an operational school until 1905. It now serves as a museum of local historic artifacts and is maintained by the Ridgewood Historical Society.

The schoolhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places as is the bordering Old Paramus Church, and Valleau Cemetery.

Old Paramus Reformed Church

Old Paramus Reformed Church has a rich past. The congregation was formed in the year 1725. During the American Revolution, the Paramus Church was the site of a Continental Army military post for four years during which clashes between American and British forces took place. It was also in the original church building that General George Washington held a session of the court-martial of General Charles Lee who disobeyed orders at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. Washington had his headquarters here at the church a total of ten times during various days from 1778-1780.

Read more info on their web page-

This year the church is celebrating it’s 292nd year !!! The congregation was formed in the year 1725 by Dutch Settlers.fullsizeoutput_28b2

Tri Level Split on a Quiet Cul De Sac

Are split level homes outdated or underrated??

The split-level design is believed to have derived from the ranch, which, in turn, was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s low-profile, horizontal Prairie homes and no-frills Usonian houses. The split levels divided public and private spaces through short half levels.(Per realtors mag)

Split-levels look more substantial yet their quasi-stacked designs are still compact and could be affordably built on smaller lots. The tri-level layout contains a lower-level family room and garage, mid-level entry and public rooms, and upper-level bedrooms and bathrooms.

Many of these homes in Ridgewood are affordable.



Historic Mumbai

This was my first visit to Mumbai as a grown up adult. My last visit was in 1982 when I was very young. I remember having arguments with my cousins from Mumbai how Delhi was superior to it. But seeing is believing. Though I do have a soft corner for Delhi , yet the place that has caught my attention now is definitely Mumbai. It is a parallel version of NYC. There is a strange source of urgency in the air and people are nice and friendly. there is a vibrancy that is missing in Delhi. I am planning a trip already with my kids sometime next year. Here are a few memorable pictures from the trip.

Darasuram – A UNESCO world heritage site

The Airavateswara temple at Darasuram with its heavily  ornamented pillars accurate in detail and richly sculpted walls,  is a classic example of Chola art and architecture. This is the second time I am visiting this temple. Dharasuram is a town located 3 kilometres from Kumbakonam in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India. Each time I visit this temple I am amazed by the brilliant architecture and the serenity surrounding this small town.A must visit for anyone venturing to visit Tamil Nadu..