Snowstorm -2017

Today Ridgewood in Bergen county ,New Jersey is supposed to have about 20 inches of snow. Took an early morning walk in the snow. It was fun though fingers went numb trying to take pictures.Not a soul in sight except for the snow ploughs doing the job for the village of Ridgewood. It is work from home day. So far enjoying the beauty of the landscape outside and enjoying the modern comforts of technology.

The Pictures taken are all on Oak St,the street on which I live.DSC_9447DSC_9448DSC_9453DSC_9454DSC_9455


Wild Duck Pond Area,Saddle River County Park

I have a fascination for this place. It is a calm and serene surrounding.On a good day you can see people walking biking or simply sitting on one of the benches reading and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Ridgewood is unique in that it is one of the few affluent towns where residents still get to know their neighbors and really feel a sense of community.And one of the best places to meet someone you know in town is at this park or trail that extends from here to Rochelle park.The trail is 6 miles one way and bike or walk down this trail is 12 miles.The Wild Duck Pond area can be reached from the entrance on East Ridgewood Avenue.

The park amenities include picnic areas and ice skating when weather conditions permit.