I am always dumbstruck watching Sunrises and sunsets.. They have a striking capacity to make us feel simultaneously insignificant and elevated. The aesthetic experience of watching a beautiful sunrise /sunset evokes wonder and awe at nature’s grandeur entry and exit everyday. It’s like turning a page…

The light of the setting  sun casts the world in a gentle, warm orange/purple glow, I think the wavelength of the light could be an important part of our enjoyment.

For those inclined toward deep sensory appreciation, it paints the world with ever shifting shadows that mask and highlight different parts of our surroundings we may not  have noticed otherwise ….

In other words a ” guaranteed show stopper”


Acadian Sunset

Acadia National Park in Maine is an iconic destination for landscape photographers. Acadia is a great option for those of us in the east. Although Acadia is small by national park standards, it is among the top ten most-visited national parks in the U.S !!!

There are several things to love about Acadia. I for one loved the sunrise and sunset every single day of my visit this year in May .There is a great deal of diversity in terms of the landscape and photo opportunities. You can photograph the beautiful, rugged coastline of New England, mountains, lakes, forests,lighthouses,flora,fauna,, and more. It’s easy to see and visit much of Acadia by car.

We did a trip for four days and it was super fun. I am just posting pics of the sunrise and sunsets !! Enjoy.

Call of the city….

The city shines on day or night.This picture is a view of New York City (NYC) from the Heights area of Ridgewood.The Heights area covers a large section of western and northern Ridgewood.Some of the most prestigious Ridgewood streets are in The Heights area  – including Crest Road, Fairmount Road and Phelps Road. A select few of the homes on Crest have stunning views of the Manhattan skyline .


Ridgewood 365

I have been unable to post pictures of my hometown for the past one month. Partially due to the fact that I was travelling to India for 3 weeks and on return it has been very hectic at home and work.

In the meanwhile I did post some pictures of my trip to India.Plan to be back posting pictures of my hometown starting this coming Monday. Watch out. Until then enjoy some of these random

photos taken every now and then …


India Diary continued

India trips are always hectic and especially more so when it is just 2 weeks.This time I was in a different city almost every other day visiting temples and family with my mother and brothers and niece. It was tiring but very fulfilling.Best part being able to take my mom to visit her ancestral property in Tanjore. She is 82 and the house itself is 125 plus yrs old. I could see the joy in her face and remembering all her childhood days.She became animated explaining all her friends names living on the same street and how she used to play/spend time with them.

I am already missing all the hungama/entertainment.Life in USA without extended family is dull 😦 Here are a few pictures from my visit. Sit back and enjoy.