First day of Spring in Ridgewood

It is first day of spring and all I see is snow around.It is taking a while for all the snow to melt this time around due to the frigid temperatures.Cold weather continues here in the Northeast inspite of the arrival of spring..

Last year around the same time this is how the buds were blooming all around the town and our back/front yard heralding the arrival of colorful spring…

Tri Level Split on a Quiet Cul De Sac

Are split level homes outdated or underrated??

The split-level design is believed to have derived from the ranch, which, in turn, was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s low-profile, horizontal Prairie homes and no-frills Usonian houses. The split levels divided public and private spaces through short half levels.(Per realtors mag)

Split-levels look more substantial yet their quasi-stacked designs are still compact and could be affordably built on smaller lots. The tri-level layout contains a lower-level family room and garage, mid-level entry and public rooms, and upper-level bedrooms and bathrooms.

Many of these homes in Ridgewood are affordable.