Soaking in the Vitamin D…

Watching the sun rise through the clouds from my living room is a pleasure .The days it is sunny I try to soak in and enjoy the warmth of the big ball of fire and wonder at the glory of nature.

I have been unable to take many pictures as the pain in my wrists has gotten worse. I have been diagnosed with De Quervain syndrome . Need a surgery pretty soon. Will have to take a break for a while as use of the thumb is extremely painful 😦

In the meanwhile will post as and when I feel my passion reignited even with the intense pain…


Small town atmosphere

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Ridgewood is it’s small-town atmosphere.Paired with the close proximity to the city it is one of the best places to raise a family.It has often been voted for the  best 100 towns to live in USA.

Ridgewood has a lively downtown , with a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options. With charming boutiques and an expansive range of dining options. Residents have everything available at their doorstep.

The community is diverse and is is close-knit and filled with community spirit.Community events are held throughout the year to bring residents of Ridgewood together.Simply an amazing town for both young and old alike. Ridgewood offers it all- With an appreciation for the past and an optimism for the future…


Ridgewood Post Office

On East Ridgewood Ave is the local Post Office.There’s a memorial in front of it, a metal statue of an everyday postal worker wearing a real uniform, hat, and watch, holding real papers, with a pencil in his mouth, and a full mail bag slung over his shoulder. (It’s easy to mistake the statue for a real person.) It is  a memorial to tragic event that occurred in the year 1991 at the post office.

Ridgewood Train Station

The Village of Ridgewood is a small town in close proximity to Manhattan .The train station is located at the one end of East Ridgewood Ave,which runs through the middle of the town and could be called the main arterial road.Trains run between Hoboken and Suffern. Commuters can board a train from here and reach NYC in approximately 45 min .

Took these pictures while returning back from work. It was raining and a little foggy …